Chhattisgarh: Incredible Expansion by Brijmohan Agrawal in Fisheries

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Posted on: 08/29/17

Chhattisgarh has achieved major success in fish production under the invaluable guidance of Cabinet Minister Brijmohan Agrawal. The production is escalating at a quick pace. The production of fishes was about 2 lakh 51 thousand 315 metric tons until December 2015. Earlier in the year 2004-05, the production of fishes was around one lakh 20 thousand metric ton. There was an increase of 25 lakh metric ton in the past 12 years. Chhattisgarh is the largest producer of fish in the whole country. The State is independent in fish seedsí production. Around 25 crore fish seeds had been produced in the year 2001-02 and it had increased to 135 crore fish seed in the year 2015-16. Two lakh fishermen are employed in the sector.

The State Government had taken several reliable & effective measures to surge fish production. Fingerlings of size 75 mm are being supplied to the fish farmers. Besides, Banks are willingly giving away loans worth Rs. One lakh at one percent interest rate to the farmers to boost fish production. Around 2975 kilogram per hectare fish is produced in village fish ponds, 19 kilograms in big ponds and 98 kilograms fish per hectare in medium-sized fish ponds.

Rare and extinct types of fish like Mangur, Chipala, Pabda are being grown. Mangur Hatcheries had been set up at Raipur, Korba, Kabhirdham, Korea, Bilaspur, Kondagaon and Durg districts to produce Mangur fish seeds. Sea Prawns (Vinnebai Species) are being grown in Dhamtari district which is on the verge of extinction. Twenty-five metric ton Prawns had been produced at the site.


The State is among the top in Cage Culture across pan India. Chhattisgarh Minister encouraged farmers living near Sarodasagar and Shirpaani water reservoirs in Kabhirdham district, Dhanda water bodies in Bilaspur, Jhumka waters in Korea district and Tauranga Waters in Gariyabandh district. Four metric ton fish is being produced at every Cage Culture. Till now 475 metric ton fish had been produced in Cage culture. Fish farmers and officers from across borders visit Chhattisgarh to observe Cage Culture and its advantages. The progressive farmers from Odisha, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh had visited the State and learned the techniques.

Financial assistance is being given to rear fish at six thousand hectare water bodies. About Rs 78 lakh 69 thousand had been given as financial assistance in the year 2013-14. Around 3.14 lakh metric ton fish had been produced in the year 2014-15. The progressive farmers are producing 8,000-12,000 kilogram fish (Katla, Rohu, Mrugal) per hectare.

There are sufficient ponds, water bodies and rivers to produce fish of any variety in the State. Remote detecting survey will be done soon. Eight districts are in the list of the first survey. Digital maps will be prepared. All details relating to fish rearing will be available online.


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