Minister Brijmohan Agrawal Visits Kanji House for Surprise Inspection

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Posted on: 08/30/17

Minister of Animal Husbandry Department in Chhattisgarh, Shri Brijmohan Agrawal inspected the Kanji House operating in Lakhe Nagar and Bhatagaon. Raipur Municipal Corporation Mayor Mr. Pramod Dubey was with him during the inspection.

In order to observe the ground level work, बृजमोहन अग्रवाल  went to Atari Kanji House first on a surprise visit. During the inspection, he expressed massive dissatisfaction on the irregularities. He was disappointment on not having the proper arrangements of light and bait for the animals in the kanji house. The kanji house has an illegal direct connection for electricity. Mr. Agarwal took this incident very seriously and instructed to immediately take some action against the officials responsible for this.

The minister of Pashupalan Vibhag Chhattisgarh gave instructions for immediate arrangements of bait for feeding animals in the kanji house. Fifty animals are kept in the kanji house of which two sick cows are being treated by veterinarians. Five cows died in this kanji house. Mr. Agrawal visited Bhatagaon and inspected the kanji house operating there. He expressed disappointment for keeping 81 cows in a small space. He instructed the authorities for the arrangement of proper amenities. There was also not enough fodder for the animals. Mr. Agrawal instructed to arrange 5 kg fodder for young cows and 10 kg fodder for other cows daily.


After the surprise inspection of all the kanji houses, the livestock minister Mr. Agrawal instructed Director of Veterinary Services Dr. SK Pandey to diagnose the animal health of all the kanji houses present in the state and for their appropriate treatment. Veterinarians are instructed for a regular duty every week. Raipur Municipal Deputy Leader of Opposition Shri Ramesh Thakur, Councillor Mr. Shalik Singh Thakur, Shri Kamal Sahu and other was present during the visit.


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